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Aiphone Video Intercom - GT Series

Versatile Multi-Tenant Security Video Intercom

Why Choose Aiphone's GT Series Intercoms?

  • Exceptionally Reliable

The prestigious Deming Prize for quality control and manufacturing procedures has twice been awarded to Aiphone, which is highly uncommon. They follow strict criteria in their production process, which has received ISO certification. Only when an application's needs are more than what the system can manage does an Aiphone device need to be updated.

Aiphone intercoms are designed to survive the harsh Australian climate. In Sydney, for instance.

  • Multi-tenant Video Entry

Visitors can be immediately and easily identified by tenants or security personnel before being allowed admission into a facility. It's simple to fulfill the security requirements of the building and the budget thanks to a range of stylish and sophisticated entry, tenant, and guard stations. Property managers can use NFC technology or a VPN to log in remotely to the system to update the directory when tenants move out.


  • Up to 5 entry stations, 2 video guard stations, and 48 tenant stations are permitted in a conventional system.
  • 500 tenant stations, 4 video guard stations, and up to 16 entry stations can all be found in an expanded system.
  • 480 entry stations, 96 video guard stations, and 5,000 tenant stations are the maximum numbers that may be included in an enterprise-level system.
  • The ability to connect several locations across various buildings using the same network centralizes security for big campuses and communities with multiple buildings.
  • System maintenance is rapid and simple due to software-based programming.
  • With an NFC-equipped smartphone on site or remotely over the same network, prompt, hassle-free tenant directory updates are possible.
  • To satisfy the requirements of the majority of applications, audio and video stations can be mixed.
  • A computerized directory or personal call buttons are available on entrance stations.
  • In order to filter visitors and offer an additional degree of protection, video guard stations can accept and relay calls to renters.
  • Entrance stations that are modular can be configured in a variety of ways.
  • With the integrated PTZ camera, video entry stations can record a 170° viewing area.

Aiphone GT Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Entrance Station
  1. GT-DMB-N
  • Video Security Guard Station
  1. GT-MKB-N
  • Video Tenant Station
  1. GT-1C7
  2. GT-1M3
  • Camera Module
  1.  GT-VB
  • Display Module
  1. GT-NSB
  • Audio Voice Tenant Station
  1. GT-1A
  • Accessories
  1. GT-102HB
  2. GT-103H
  3. GT-103HB
  4. GT-104H
  5. GT-10K
  6. GF-10KP
  7. GF-1P



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