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Aiphone Video Intercom - JF Series

With this video intercom, you get everything you need: low cost, reliable security, straightforward operation, and stylish design.

Why Choose Aiphone's JF Series Intercoms?

  • High Reliability

It's quite uncommon, but Aiphone has twice received the prestigious Deming Prize for quality assurance and manufacturing practices. A process that is ISO Certified and complies with stringent requirements is used to create some of the most reliable products on the market. An Aiphone device must be upgraded only if an application's requirements exceed system capacity.

Aiphone intercoms are made to survive and withstand Australia's extreme weather. Sydney, for instance

  • Affordable

You get solid security, simple operation, and a stylish appearance with this affordably priced video intercom. You can see, hear, and interact with visitors before inviting them inside. The JF Series supports three indoor master stations and two video door stations. Thanks to an integrated picture memory, the device may either be manually activated or set up to automatically record visitor calls. Installation takes merely a few minutes and requires only two cords.

Benefits of Aiphone JF Series Video Intercom

  • Communication
  1. With included security measures and a mobile app, your security team will work more efficiently.
  2. Customers can use self-service kiosks equipped with master stations as virtual front desks.
  3. Dial international numbers for other businesses, buildings, or places of employment.
  4. PBX, VMS, and access control software integration

  • Convenience
  1. Freedom of choice. Purchase what you need when you require it since the system scales at your rate.
  2. After hours, visitors can use stations scattered throughout the building to contact security.
  3. You can simply stick to your budget thanks to the variety of station kinds and features.

  • Controlled Access
  1. Employees can enter approved locations with ease thanks to Controlled Access Stations with built-in card readers.
  2. A further layer of protection is offered by controlled access at key entrance points.
  3. In "fail-safe, fail-secure" mode, electronic locks continue to be locked from the outside even if power is lost.
  4. T-coils, touchless call sensors, and call boxes can be added to improve control, usability, and coverage for both staff and visitors.

Aiphone JF Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station
  1. JF-DV
  2. JF-DVF
  3. JF-DA
  • Video Intercom Set
  1. JFS-2AEDV
  2. JFS-2AEDF
  • Master Station
  1. JF-2MED
  • Accessories
  1. SBX-DVF
  2. SBX-DVF-P


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