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Aiphone Video Intercom - JP Series

Due to its features, dependability, and affordability, Aiphone's video intercom range offers some of the best products on the market.

Why Choose Aiphone's JP Series Intercoms?

  • Secure and Reliable Entry Monitoring

Call partitioning allows inside stations to be configured to only take calls from certain door stations. The 7" touchscreen facilitates menu navigation and offers a quick method of visitor identification. A total of eight inside stations are allowed to interact, control access, and see video from up to four door stations. For convenience and privacy, there are handset and hands-free choices available at the inside stations. To record visitor photographs, a removable SD/SDHC card with built-in photo memory can be used.

Aiphone intercoms are made to survive and withstand Australia's extreme weather. For example, in Sydney

  • Extremely Reliable

It's rare for a company to win the coveted Deming Prize for quality assurance and manufacturing practices twice, but Aiphone has. Some of the most reliable products available are made utilizing a process that is ISO Certified and complies with stringent standards. The only time an Aiphone device has to be upgraded is if an application's requirements exceed what the system capacity

Benefits of Aiphone JP Series Video Intercom

  • Convenience
  1. freedom of choice. Buy what you need, when you need it – the system scales at your pace
  2. After hours, visitors can use stations scattered throughout the building to contact security.
  3. You can simply stick to your budget thanks to the variety of station kinds and features.
  • Communication
  1. With integrated security layers and a mobile app, your security team will be more effective.
  2. Self-service kiosks with master stations can be set up to act as virtual front desks for customers. 
  3. Call other businesses, places, or offices all across the world.
  4. PBX, VMS, and access control software integration
  • Controlled Access 
  1. Stations with built-in card readers enable employees to easily enter authorized places.
  2. Controlled access at key entry points offers an extra degree of security.
  3. Electronic locks operate in a "fail-safe, fail-secure" mode, which means they remain locked to the outside even if the power goes off.
  4. To increase coverage, control, and usefulness for both workers and guests, T-coils, touchless call sensors, and call boxes can be added.

Aiphone JP Series Intercom Product Lineup

  • Video Door Station
  1. JP-DV
  2. JP-DVF
  • Video Intercom Set
  1. JPS-4AEDF
  2. JPS-4AEDV
  • Master Station
  1. JP-4HD
  2. JP-4MED
  • Access Control Keypad
  1. AC-10F
  2. AC-10S
  • Accessories
  1. SBX-DVF
  2. SBX-DVF-P


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