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Hikvision Intercom

Hikvision Australia Video Intercom range includes a number of gadgets made to make two-way audio and video verification for entrance control easier and better. To meet your project's needs, pick from their high-performance IP-based solutions, analog-based solutions, or 2-wire device.

Why You Should Choose Hikvision Intercom

Hikvision Australia Video Intercom range includes a number of gadgets made to make two-way audio and video verification for entrance control easier and better. To meet your project's needs, pick from their high-performance IP-based solutions, analog-based solutions, or 2-wire device.

All product configuration and management are made simpler by the iVMS-4200 platform. One may remotely manage an IP or 2-wire video intercom system using the Hikvision smartphone app. In addition to playing movies and taking calls, it can also open doors.

CCTV and alarm systems are compatible with Hikvision's video intercom products. This increases the security of video intercom systems used in residences or establishments with more stringent security needs.

Hikvision Product Categories

The interior and exterior video intercom stations of Hikvision's Two-Wire Video Intercom system are powered by a distributor that only requires two wires—one for power and one for audio/video transmission.

It is simpler to upgrade an outdated intercom system with this configuration. As fewer cables are required, you may merely use the wires from the prior hardware. Quick, simple, and reasonably priced installation results.

Our device uses cutting-edge cameras and Power Line Communication (PLC) technology to provide excellent video quality. There are several ways that function-specific modules can be integrated into our modular door station. From a variety of module choices, including card readers, name tags, keypads, and others, select the door station configuration that best meets your needs.

The installation of CCTV systems and the convenience of remote operation through mobile app greatly raise the security standards of any home.

four-wire devices are often utilized in household settings, . There is no security when guests in typical homes ring the doorbell or knock. With Hikvision's 4-Wire Video Intercom Kit, this problem is easily fixed while also enhancing security and peace of mind in your home.

You won't even require a distributor with this video intercom system because of its plug-and-play capability. This approach is inexpensive, versatile, and simple to install since Indoor stations may power door stations using a 4-wire setup.

  • 8-Wire Series

The indoor stations developed by Hikvision are the most affordable. It's intended particularly for intercom systems in budget residences. Both analog signals and electricity may be sent over existing UTP lines thanks to the Hikvision distributor.

These days, Video intercoms are much more than just phone answering and card readers. Particularly in big cities like Sydney, increasingly sophisticated video intercom systems with features like mobile controls, user-friendly touchscreens, graphical user interfaces, and more are quickly gaining popularity.

With its amazing picture quality and practical features, Hikvision's IP Series Video Intercom brings a new level of ease to apartments, suburban villas, and offices, among other places.


1. Exceptional picture quality

A. Stunning video quality 

B. Imaging is clear even in dim or illuminated environments.

C. Having a wide field of vision when imaging2. 2

2. Touchscreen interface

A. A richer experience with simple use

B. Modern design is appropriate for both the home and the office.

3. Intelligent identification

A. Support is provided for cards, PIN numbers, and biometric identification.

B. Enjoy operating with your hands free.

C. You do not have to give your cards to enter.

4. Touchscreen interface

A. Improved user experience through intuitive operation

B. Modern style is ideal for both home and workplace settings.

5. Mobile control

A. To navigate daily tasks, use the Hik-Connect App for mobile devices.

B. Remotely interact with guests, answer calls, check live feeds, and open doors whenever and wherever you choose.

These ready-to-use kits contain every part needed for a full video intercom setup. There are several kits available for almost every system you choose.

The Doorbell offers users protection and convenience while still being reasonably priced by including basic intercomalarmaccess control and remote control.


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